Blue Sky Hemp Ventures provides a range of products and end-to-end services for food manufacturers, licensed producers and hemp and grain farmers. In everything we do we are committed to providing our partners with exceptionally priced, sustainably farmed, and high quality hemp products, along with access to our state of the art processing facilities for tolling services and CBD extraction.

Hemp Seed Separator

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures provides high-quality, low-cost hemp ingredients for todays health forward brands. Our bulk food product line includes hemp seeds, hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil, excellent customer service and product reliability. All of our products are available in conventional and organic.    

Why Blue Sky for hemp foods?

A Focus on Food

At Blue Sky Hemp Ventures, food is our bread and butter (both of which can be made with hemp). We take extra safety steps on our food processing line to maintain an exemplary level of nutrition and flavour from our products while extending the shelf life. 

Blue Sky is certified organic, kosher, non-GMO, nut-free and dairy-free and adheres to the most rigorous food standards in the business. We also offer white & private label solutions along with product deveoplment and recipe formulations. 

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, a meticulous dedication to quality and a focus on innovation. All of this to produce a better product at a lower cost to our customers and to our planet. 

We offer top Licenced Producers with a full supply chain solution for RFL™ (reduced flower & leaf) hemp-derived CBD biomass for extraction, as well as wholesale CBD extracts.

Why Blue Sky for CBD?

Seed-to-Sale Integrity Guarantee 

Blue Sky’s quality management system, and our ability to track our own crops from field production to extraction, make Blue Sky a dependable quality producer of CBD products. We have built out a state of the art facility for extraction and apply the highest QA standards exceeding Health Canada's production requirements.

Broad-Acre Farming for Quality, Low-Cost CBD
We have developed a unique system to bridge the gap between broad-acreage farming and CBD extraction from industrial hemp. By using the whole plant for food and fibre, we’re able to deliver a lower-cost offtake, whilst still meeting the highest quality standards.
The BSHV difference - ‘Easy'
BSHV’s mission is to make it easy for LP’s to source broad acre farmed Canadian hemp.   Quite simply, BSHV will take care of all the farmer contracting, farmer compliance with our quality management system and harvesting.   All the LP needs to do is work with BSHV to determine the optimal delivery form for their extractor. Easy.  


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CBD Oil in Hand With Hemp Background
Blue Sky is committed to supporting our farming community - providing growers from across the prairies and beyond access to Western Canada’s most innovative hemp, grain and CBD processing facilities. Our goal? To help hemp and grain farmers turn their crops into high-grade, high-value, market-ready products. Find out more.

For 50,000 and Counting Other Uses

Interested in hemp fibre, RFL™ biomass or other hemp-derived products for one or many of hemp’s thousands of other uses? We currently supply hemp as an animal bedding, for industrial products, hempcrete, plastic moulding and more. 


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