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CBD Crude v3

3rd Party COA Tested

Full Spectrum CBD Crude Oil

(Health Canada Licensed Producer, GPP)

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Full spectrum CBD crude oil is a CBD concentrate that is the result of careful biomass selection that has gone through our extraction process, maintaining other cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrate. Our process eliminates undesirable elements like chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids. This full-spectrum oil can be formulated for a range of potency ratios.

Blue Sky Hemp CBD Crude
BSHV Crude

Applications: Full spectrum CBD oil has been shown effective in treating pain, anxiety and depression, acne, and even cancer-related symptoms, through the use of edibles, vapes, pharmaceuticals, topicals, and cosmetics.


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3rd Party COA Testing


Full spectrum oil including cannabinoids and terpenes. Available in conventional and organic.

Sensory Profile

Retains the sensory profile of the biomass. Red/brown viscous liquid translucent at low volumes.


60-70% CBD


Customizable to various ratios and prescribed blends | Full spectrum crude oil containing a range of other cannabinoids to deliver the entourage effect | Broad spectrum options with extremely low levels of THC as required


Versatile, and can be used in a variety of 2.0 products


Sealed plastic or stainless steel


Maintain in a cool and dry environment away from oxidation, heat or sunlight. Humidity 30-50% at <20 °C | <68 °F

Molecular Makeup

60-70% cannabidiol (CBD), 0-5% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), 0-10% other minor cannabinoids

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