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Canada Vs US Hemp
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US vs Canada: Hemp Cultivation and Regulation 

Which side of the border do you stand on when it comes to hemp laws?  As a Canadian hemp food and CBD producer, with a clientele on both sides of the…

Hemp Apple Protein Bites
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Hemp Foods |

Hemp and Apple Protein Balls Recipe

For a sweet treat that is packed with nutrition, try these hemp and apple protein balls -easy to make- no baking required! They have the taste of a sweet cookie but are full of healthy ingredients.

Private White Label Hemp Food Blue Sky Hemp
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Blue Sky Behind The Label: White & Private Label Hemp Products

Are you looking for hemp food products to offer in your retail space, or are you an entrepreneur with visions of hemp on the horizon? Here at Blue Sky Hemp…

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Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Partners With Purity IQ to Deliver a CBD Gold Standard

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is proud to have recently partnered with Purity IQ and the Cannabis Council of Canada in order to raise the bar on consistency, quality and efficacy within the CBD & Cannabis market. The study will include a handful of Canadian master growers  and aims to build a diverse DNA and NMR database for the industry. This validated scientific reference library will enable the industry to identify cultivars and verify consistency in formulations of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

Hemp Seed Oil Korean Beauty Market
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Is Refined Hemp Seed Oil the Next K-Beauty Ingredient Kraze?  

If you’re at all into beauty trends you'll know all about K-Beauty. If you are not into beauty trends - K-Beauty is shorthand for the Korean beauty and skin care market that has taken the North American and global market by storm of late.

Farming Organic Blog Banner
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Organic vs. Natural Hemp: Why Hemp is Awesome, Naturally.

Here at Blue Sky we are all about sustainability. That's why we got into the business of hemp and that has been our driving force ever since.

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