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What the hemp?

The Grass is Green, The Skies are Blue

Industrial hemp is on the verge of a major growth phase driven by deregulation, new product development and massive growth in consumer demand. Hemp as a food ingredient alone, seeing 15%-20% growth year on year.

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#HEMP is Trending

After 70+ years of prohibition, the oldest industrial crop in the world is back in the mainstream following the tailwinds of several growing trends.

Sustainability Trend

Hemp can be used as a natural, biodegradable alternative to plastic, building materials, and as a biofuel. Hemp products are far more CO2 friendly and generally biodegrade quicker than their synthetic counterparts.

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Plant-Based Protein Trend

The number of new US food and drink products that mentioned "plant-based" grew 268 per cent between 2012 and 2018 representing a massive shift in demand: Hemp offers an outstanding alternative source of protein, fibre and Omega 3&6.

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Natural Medicine Trend

Low cost and natural remedies derived from Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp is a high-value, high-growth product with many very promising medicinal applications.

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50,000 Uses and Counting

At Blue Sky Hemp Ventures, we are developing cutting edge technology to harness the full potential of the whole hemp plant - Each providing a breadth of usages. In fact, it is often claimed that there are over 50,000 different uses for components of the hemp plant.

Next Generation Opportunities

While there are many high-value opportunities already for industrial hemp, modern science is only beginning to unlock the vast potential of this plant. Examples of high-value opportunities that are currently being commercialized are the use of hemp fibre to displace expensive materials such as graphene in next-generation supercapacitors and the potential use of hemp as a feedstock for nanocellulose – a next-generation industrial product.

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