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Safe Food. Safe Employees. Safe Supply Chains.

Blue Sky's COVID-19 Response


As you are well aware, COVID-19 has been affecting our customers, our employees, our supply chains, and the wider business environment here in Canada and around the globe. We are reaching out to our valued partners to provide reassurance that we are taking all possible precautions to keep our employees safe and to curtail the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to serve our valued customers. Here's our new normal.

Quality Assurance Continues.

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures already adheres to the most rigorous QA food standards in the business ensuring our food products are safe and our state-of-the-art processing facilities are run by a small number of 'socially isolated' technicians. 
We are HACCP, ProCert Organic, and GFSi certified which translates into gloves, face masks, washed hands, bleached lab coats and clean shoes, on an average day.

Our new COVID-19 protocol is a continuation of these practices with extra precautions after leaving the secured entrances of our processing facility. In addition, any non-employee contractors are mandated to read the COVID-19 orientation sheet, fill in necessary forms and adhere to strict sanitation guidelines before entering the premises

Commitment to Service. Remote Access with Virtual Handshakes.

Off the production line and the field, our employees are all set up to work safely and efficiently from home. It will be an unusual form of 'business as usual' with our sales teams and customer service representatives working remotely, in our best effort to provide the same seamless customer care as we always have. You have our word, if not our handshake. 

Supporting our Farming Community.

We are committed to supporting our farming community now more than ever. In an effort to come through these tough times, we need to work together to succeed as a unified industry. Our goal is to help hemp and grain farmers turn their crops into high-grade, high-value, market-ready products. And to do so, we are currently offering hemp and grain growers access to our first of its kind, end-to-end hemp, grain and CBD processing facilities. Find out more about our tollings services and CBD extraction services here and get in touch if this would help your business.

The End
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