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Biomass Tolling & CBD Extraction

Blue Sky has invested in a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end RFL™️ & CBD extraction facility - specifically designed to maximize crop value for low-potency industrial hemp and drive higher margins for hemp farmers.


Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is one of western Canada’s largest and most innovative hemp processing facilities. Proudly farmer-owned and farmer-led, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of our hemp farming community.

Challenges for Hemp Farmers

  • Stranded biomass or hemp bales
  • No end market
  • Low margins
  • CBD degradation over time
Farming at Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

The Blue Sky Solution

A bale goes in, and out comes as high-grade, high-value, extract ready product. 

Quality Guarantee

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures adheres to the most rigorous processing facility certifications in the business. We are both HACCP & GPP certified, and we hold our Health Canada Standard Processing License for CBD - ensuring your end products will be compliant with the largest possible market and demand a fair market price. 

Hemp Farming Blue Sky Hemp


Biomass Tolling 

Loose or baled hemp biomass is processed, sifted, and cleaned to remove contaminants, reduce volumes and increase the potency. We call this end product RFL™️ (Reduced Flower and Leaf). It’s a high grade, extraction-ready product that can be sold on directly to Licensed Producers.

CBD Extraction 

Biomass tolling can be bundled with CBD extraction to produce a high grade, quality Crude Oil, Full Spectrum Oil, Distillate and Isolate (Isolate capability available in Summer 2020). Not only does crude oil provide longer-term CBD stability than biomass, but it will also deliver higher margins and more demand from a larger market.

Blue Sky Extraction

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