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Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Ltd. was incorporated in Alberta in 2017 to pursue commercial opportunities for industrial hemp. Our goal is to become a global leader in industrial hemp processing and, in doing so, improve the planet and deliver value to our farming partners.

We aim to deliver on our goals through a focus on full plant utilization, dedication to being a low cost producer, partnerships and targeted innovation.

We are pleased to announce that the first phase of our new facility was completed in Nov 2018 and we now look forward to commencing the build-out of our state-of the art oil and protein line. At full capacity, our facility will be capable of processing 5,500 tonnes per year of hemp seed into a variety of super food products.

Blue Sky is also aggressively developing plans to capture value from the entire plant, stalk processing (decortication). We expect to announce plans on both of these endeavors in the very near future. Stay tuned!


Goal: – To become the world’s most profitable hemp processor, while improving the planet and delivering value to our farming partners.

Strategy: – We aim to deliver on our goals through a focus on full plant utilization, dedication to being a low cost producer, partnerships and targeted innovation.

Key Accomplishments

First Round of Financing

Completed first round of financing.

Expert Team Members

Assembled a vast network of industry experts to help us evaluate and execute our business plan.

Superior Farming Group

Establishing growing contracts with some of Canada’s lowest cost and most sustainable farmers.

Advanced Processing Methods

Procured equipment for a 0.75 tonne/hour grain processing facility in Saskatoon. The facility is expected to be operational in Summer 2018.

Fibre and Medicine

Began discussions with a number of potential partners/equipment providers for the next phase of our business plan which is to derive value from the entire plant, including stalk processing.

Second Round of Financing

Initiated second round financing to support our growth plans

Expert Sales Team

Create and implement a sales team to expand both domestic and international markets.

Biomass Monetization

Blue Sky collected approximately 500,000 pounds of high-quality hemp flower, leaves and chaff that it sold to a Canadian licensed producer.

Future Endeavours

Our future plans include the following:

Expanded Acreage for 2019

Blue Sky is expecting to significantly expand acreage under contract in 2019 from the 3,200 acres of lands contracted last year.

Second Location

Blue Sky aims to advance a second facility during 2019. Blue Sky is weighing international options as well as potential expansion in Canada.

Promote Hemp Farming

Educate farmers on the benefits of growing hemp!

Stalk Processing

Evaluate technology and partnership options to enter stalk processing (decortication)

Growing, Together

Further the Canadian Hemp Industry making our Country the clear international leader in hemp and hemp derivatives.

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