Hemp Foods

Hemp Foods

Hemp, at a lower cost to our customers and to our planet.

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures are proud leaders in whole plant utilization, combining sustainable farming practices with our state-of-the-art, end-to-end processing facilities to harness hemp’s full potential. We use the grain for quality hemp foods, the flower for nutraceuticals and the fibre as a planet-friendly alternative to plastics, textiles, fuels and more.

The result? A better world, fuelled by hemp.

Bulk Hemp Foods

Here at Blue Sky, food is our bread & butter (both of which can be made with hemp!) We supply high-quality, low-cost hemp ingredients for todays health forward brands. Our bulk food product line includes hemp seeds, hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil, excellent customer service and product reliability.

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Hemp Products

Checking All the Boxes

All of our products are available in conventional and organic. 

We take extra safety steps on our food processing line to maintain an exemplary level of nutrition and flavour from our products while extending the shelf life. 

Blue Sky is certified organic, Kosher, non-GMO, and adheres to the most rigorous food standards in the business.

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White & Private Label 

Looking to include hemp foods as part of your retail offering? Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur with visions of hemp on your horizon? Here at Blue Sky, we help retailers and entrepreneurs alike bring high-quality, low-cost, sustainably farmed Canadian hemp foods to market.

We offer both private label, and white label solutions along with co-packing and branding consultations.

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Private Label Hemp Food

Why Blue Sky?

Looking for a compelling reason to get in touch about your bulk hemp food requirement? We have lots.

  • Quality range of wholesale hemp foods 
  • Competitive prices | maximum profitability
  • Private label, white label + co-packing capabilities 
  • Custom product formulations 
  • Ability to meet demand - large scale and small
  • Excellent customer services
  • Whole plant utilization philosophy = More Value. Zero Waste 

For the label readers...

And if your customers are inclined to read the label, then they might like our zero waste philosophy. While most of our competitors focus on one part of the plant, leaving behind substantial waste. The Blue Sky approach is ‘whole plant utilization’ meaning we harness the full value of the plant for food, fibre and nutraceuticals - delivering a better world fuelled by hemp. 


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