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The Benefits of Blending

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures and Blendtek Have Partnered Up To Fuel Product Innovation.

We couldn't be happier to announce our new partnership with Blendtek Ingredients Inc. one of Canada's most innovative ingredient solutions and product development specialists. At Blue Sky, we've mastered high-quality, exceptional value, & sustainably farmed hemp foods. By partnering with Blendtek, we’ll now be able to offer our customers a host of new products and consulting services for food, pharmaceuticals, sports nutrition and personal care.

BlendTek Fuelling Innovation

If you don’t yet know Blendtek - they specialise in product formulation and design, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and consulting services. Blendtek works collaboratively with industry partners to develop products and to accelerate the success of your product pipelines. 

Together, we will be able to offer:

  • Hemp-Based Ingredient Solutions
  • Hemp-Based Bakery & Confectionery Blends
  • Hemp-Based Co-Manufacturing & Custom Blends
  • Private label Hemp-Based Blends

If you're interested in innovating your product line with hemp you're in the right place. 

Get in touch with our new partners today. 

Just looking for wholesale hemp. Have a look at our product line here.


About Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

At Blue Sky Hemp Ventures, food is our bread and butter (both of which can be made with hemp). We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, meticulous dedication to quality and a focus on innovation. Blue Sky is certified organic, kosher, non-GMO, nut-free and dairy-free and adheres to the most rigorous food standards in the business. All of this to produce a better product at a lower cost to our customers and to our planet.

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