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Sustainability Through Innovation


Blue Sky has implemented a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art hemp processing facility capable of processing 5,500 tonnes/year of hemp seed into a number of superfood products. Our facility has been designed with the goal of achieving the highest food processing certifications and adheres to a comprehensive QA program from seed-to-sale.

  • On farm: We are one of the few hemp producers to have a full QMS system including full field traceability. Our QMS system has been vetted and approved by several of Canada‚Äôs largest LPs.
  • Our facility: Blue Sky recently declared HACCP compliance and is certified Organic and Kosher, with Primus GSF certification expected shortly. In addition, our facilities are designed to meet PharmaGrade Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
Our Building

Focus on Quality

The Blue Sky food processing line includes extra steps, added specifically to ensure the highest quality product, which include an in-house colour sorter to select only the most mature and ideal seed, a unique food-safe bacterial removal step to assist with our desires for a long shelf-life with minimal flavour or quality degradation as we as many safety and quality minded steps to maintain an exemplary level of nutrition and flavour from our products.

Our New Facility

Expansion Plans

The facility is also being outfitted with a production line capable of producing other nutraceutical and industrial products in the future. Contact us for more information about our future nutraceutical and industrial product plans.

Additionally, the facility has the potential for further expansions and Blue Sky is also evaluating options to replicate this facility design in various other locations across North America.

For further information on commercial partnerships, please get in touch.


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